Dear Guest,


Welcome to Advantage2U. Here we strive hard to provide you the homely atmosphere to ensure that you are at home and not in the Hotel.

 For your comfort we provide you the following (point 1 to 9); point 10 to 12 speaks about rules we follow at Advantage2U.


1. Hand wash bottle on each wash basin...... After your stay you are not expected to take the bottle with you.


2. Family pack of Body wash, Shampoo, Conditioner in each bathroom ....... After your stay you are not expected to take away these bottles with you.


3. Tooth brush, Tooth paste…….. Available at MRP (printed price) on the product.


4. Shaving razor, shaving foam bottle, shaving brush…..Available at MRP (printed price) on the product.


5. We wash….. a. Bed sheets, duet covers, pillow covers after 3 days. b. Hand towels (near wash basin) every day. c. If you put bath towel in the basket of ‘To wash cloths’ we will wash it else we will assume that you would like to use the same towel next day to save the water.


6. In each bedroom we have kept one basket to put ‘To wash cloths’ following are the charges a. Shirt, Pant, Punjabi Dress top, Salwar…..each item INR 10 to Wash and INR 10 to Iron b. Undergarments …..each item INR 6 to Wash; ironing not essential.


7. Each bedroom is equipped with Split Air conditioner with remote, TV and Tata Sky with remote, Liquid Mosquito repellent (Mortin / Goodnight etc.), Automatic Air freshener


8. We will provide you the weekly menu for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner in advance. If you want to have any change, you can suggest us we will happily accommodate your suggestions. Our Lunch / Dinner will include the following (Veg – 150; Non Veg - 200 Tax Included)


   Salad    Pickle    Papad   Soup   Veg dry   Veg gravy
   Non-veg    Dal    Rice   Roti   Curd   Sweet


9. Charges for extras - Breakfast: Rs.75; Tea /Coffee/Milk (1 cup): Rs.15; Snacks plate Rs.50 per person.


10. We request you not to have your breakfast, Lunch, Dinner in your bedroom because food smell, food marks on the bed sheets etc does not go very easily. In case of such damages on the bed sheets, we will recover the charge of such items (e.g. Cost of single bed sheet INR 1400, Double bed sheet INR 2500).


11. Before check-out, our person will take the inventory of all the material such as Towels, bed sheets, Soap-Shampoo bottles etc. in case of any missing item, the cost of the item would be recovered from the guest.


12. Smoking and consuming Alcohol is prohibited in the premises of Advantage2U


In case of any problem, please communicate to any of our team member in Advantage2U. We will ensure the immediate resolution of your problems.



For Advantage2U Hospitality….Mayur Bundhade +91 9595956548